Dues Information

Each year at the time of membership renewal, full members of the North Chevy Chase Swimming Pool Association have the following five choices:


For those choosing full membership, fees will be $695 ($530 will go toward operating expenses and $165 toward the capital assessment).

Weekday Only:

Members of the Association have the option to elect a Monday through Friday membership, with a fee of $495 (Dues $330, Assessment $165). Those electing this option will have full use of the pool and facilities on weekdays.

Half Season (First Half or Second Half):

Members of the Association may choose to become inactive for one-half of the pool season, subject to the Bylaws, Article XII, Section I. Half season membership fees are $495 (Dues $330, Assessment $165). Half season members are reminded that those members electing to participate for one-half of the season are inactive for the other half and may not use any of the pool facilities while they are inactive. The break for a partial season is July 15th.


Members may choose to become inactive for the entire season for a fee of $145. Inactive members may not use the pool as guests unless they are temporarily stationed by their employer more than 200 miles from home.  Please Note:  In accordance with Bylaws, Article XII, Section 1:  A Member Family that cannot use the facilities of the Corporation during the swimming season may become inactive for up to two (2) years in a row (on a full year basis).  After that point, they must pay 2.5 times the annual capital assessment fee to remain inactive.  For example, if the capital assessment were $145, the fee would then become $362.50 for the third year.


If you choose not to renew you membership, please send your resignation, in writing, to the Administrative Manager by February 28th of the current year. Resignations received after February 28th will not be processed until after the close of the season in September and a late fee will be deducted from monies due you. If the resignation is received after March 25th (the date the board places non-paying members on inactive) the member will owe the inactive fee and late fee. The sooner we know you are resigning, the more quickly we can offer your membership and process any refund that you may be owed. Please be advised that memberships are not transferable and cannot be bought or sold with your home.

Additional Options for Purchase – Can Be Added When Your Renew or at a Later Date

Associate Memberships (House Guest Fee):
This additional membership is available to:

  • Persons permanently residing in the household of a member family (> four (4) weeks).
  • Childcare providers employed by the member family but not residing in the home.

The Associate Membership is good for one year, must be renewed each year and has a fee of $60.00.

Guests may attend the pool at any time during the season but must be accompanied by a member of the pool. Guest passes are offered for purchase online and may also be purchased during the season at the front gate. If purchasing at the front gate, please pay by check. The fee for each guest is $5.00 per day. The Manager may limit the number of guests when conditions are crowded.

Late Fees:
If payment is not received by February 28th, there will be a late fee assessed in the amount of $30.00 and on March 15th the late fee will be $50.00. Please be sure to make your payment by February 28th to avoid any late fees. If payment is not received by March 25th, the Board of Directors will place the member on inactive status with both the inactive fee and the $50.00 late fee due.

Please Note: Dues, contributions, or gifts to the North Chevy Chase Swimming Pool Association, Inc. are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.