A list of the current committees and their members, and how to volunteer.

If you see things at NCCSPA that you’d like to improve, consider volunteering your time to make it happen. The NCCSPA committees described below welcome new members, one-time volunteers, and student volunteers earning service hours. Contact the committee chair with your ideas and for information on how to help.

Maintenance Committee

The maintenance committee keeps the grounds attractive, facilities maintained, and equipment working. Our pool management company maintains pumps and pools, but the maintenance committee purchases, maintains and repairs everything else: sports equipment, buildings, chairs and tables, bath-house equipment, electrical and sound equipment, landscaping and more. Much of their major work is done when the pool is closed. Consider volunteering any time of the year.

Social Committee

The social committee organizes social events for the pool, including three parties each season, on opening day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. The board recruits party organizers one party at a time. Consider volunteering to organize a party – your help would fill an important vacancy in our community.

Capital Improvements Committee

The capital improvements committee develops and maintains 5- and 10-year plans for capital improvements at the pool. They bring plans to the board for discussion, revision and approval. They solicit bids for proposed projects to help finalize scopes and budgets. They prepare and present plans on proposed, major capital improvements at the association’s annual meeting for members’ consideration and vote. They get approved projects built. Capital improvements under consideration in the current 5-year plan include a new main pool and baby pool, and upgrades to the bathhouse.

Capital Campaign – Fundraising

The capital campaign fundraising committee develops and carries out plans approved by the board for raising funds needed for capital improvements, including long-term campaigns and one-time special events. This committee is currently seeking volunteers with professional fundraising experience.

Swim Team Committee

The swim team committee recruits and hires coaching staff and works with them to make each season safe, fun, and successful. They work with other pools in the league to set meet schedules for the season, and then coordinate teams of volunteers to make the meets run smoothly. They make sure that every swimmer is encouraged to set goals and improve their times. The committee also makes sure that morning swims in the master’s program are offered for adults, and that swim lessons are available for children. They meet throughout the year on an ad-hoc basis.

Dive Team Committee

The dive team committee recruits and hires coaches, sets the season’s meet schedules with other pools, organizes occasional clinics, and coordinates volunteers for dive meets. They work with coaches to make sure the team has a safe, fun and successful season.

Budget Committee

The budget committee records and reviews all information from the board and committees on NCCSPA income, expenses, and savings. They maintain a projected budget that reflects the board’s short- and long-term plans for capital improvements. This budget guides decisions on member dues, special assessments and fundraisers that may be needed to keep the grounds and facilities in good repair and to provide for major, planned improvements.

Tennis Committee

The tennis committee makes sure that members have ready access to well-maintained courts for both informal and organized play. They maintain the courts and equipment; keep court rules up to date and makes sure they are followed; and arrange for clinics, leagues and lessons for adults and children to be offered on the NCCSPA courts.

Membership Committee

The membership committee reviews and maintains membership policies, including bylaw requirements for membership and the member boundary area of NCCSPA. They propose changes to membership policies and rules for the board’s consideration, as needed. They resolve issues of membership or dues that arise for NCCSPA members throughout the season.