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What   Food drive to help support families during this long COVID winter

WhereNorth Chevy Chase Swimming Pool | 8817 Brierly Road |  Chevy Chase, MD 20815

When  |  Saturday, February 27th and March 6th, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm  

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Summer of 2020

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July 2nd: Dive Clinics, Tennis Clinics and Additional Swim Slots Available


Please click here for all of the information – and to sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e044eadaa2ba02-2020

  • All kids who are members of the pool are invited to join.  No prior dive team experience required!
  • The first week begins on Monday, July 6th and goes until Friday, July 10th.
  • Each 5-day clinic costs $50 per child.
  • Sign up now to save your spot (you do not need a separate pool reservation)


Georgetown Prep will be back on the court starting Monday, July 6th for small group classes (4-5 kids) three days a week. The classes will run for 45 minutes beginning at 1pm and ending at 4pm. (Adult tennis players, please note that the court with the backboard will be in use these days from 1-4pm).

Registration began today, and all the details can be found HERE.


For the week that begins on Sunday, July 5th, you are now invited to sign up for additional slots.

You may sign up for additional lap lane slots on a first come first served basis until all lanes are full (and we are nearly full now!)  You may also make one main pool reservation per day per household.  You may not exceed one main pool reservation per household per day.  First come first served!  Please remember to cancel reservations you don’t intend to use to allow others to swim.  Thank you!

We’ll see you at the pool soon!


June 24th Pool Update: The Big Communication

Greetings Pool Friends,

Things have been very busy on Brierly Road and beyond, but we’re pleased to finally announce the pool will open — with a reservation-only system and some safety-conscious restrictions — on Saturday, June 27.

Initially the pool will open on a 10am-9pm schedule with a capacity limit for recreational swim in the big pool and one-person-per lane lap swim (per county rule).  While we know many of you are excited about this opportunity to return to the pool, we also ask everyone to be patient as we sort through the new reality that Covid-19 has put us in. We must all continue to follow county, state and CDC guidelines for wearing masks outside the pool, social distancing, minimizing points of touch, etc.

We also are working on plans for appropriately-sized kids’ swim clinics for the early morning hours, dive clinics to take place in the afternoon hours, and we’re hoping to be able to hold kids’ tennis clinics and early bird swim. We’ll share details as soon as we determine feasibility and finalize ideas.

THREE THINGS you need to know now:

1. Before any household can use the pool, all adults and kids over 18 (and paid associate members like babysitters and grandparents) must EACH sign the waiverreleasing NCCSPA of liability here:

https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5ef3a25d74c4a/web/ (ADULT ONLY HOUSEHOLDS)
https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5ef2425f0e7a2/web/ (ADULT WITH A MINOR(S))

 If you have questions, please email  help@nccspa.com

2.  You will be able to book your swim times by logging in to your Member Splash account at www.nccspa.com. The goal is to fill all the available swim times along with managing the number of people at the pool and making sure sign-up is fair for all members.

Typically, registration will open weekly on Monday for the following week. To allow for fair sign-up, we will rotate EARLY sign-up times (Mondays 9:00am-11:00am) by last name. A chart on the pool website details the timing of sign ups per first letter of the household’s last name. GENERAL sign-up will begin Monday at 11:00 am until Tuesday at 12:00 pm. To start, each household will be able to sign up for 3 swim times per week: 2 time slots in the main pool (full family for 90 minutes) and 1 time slot in the lap pool (1 person per lane per county rule for 45 minutes) per week. Please note that the time blocks in the scheduling system allow for 15 to 30 minutes of cleaning between sessions.

Sign ups for all will reopen on Thursdays at 9:00 am to fill any remaining slots for the time period. This will be first come first serve and allow members the potential opportunity to book more swim times per week. You are able to cancel your booking at any time, and are asked to do so to make sure no slots go unused. And, don’t worry, we will send out emails on Monday and Thursday mornings reminding you to schedule your time.


For questions about scheduling, contact help@nccspa.com

3. Lastly, please review our new Summer 2020 Rule/Policies that follow at the end:this includes critical information on the very limited access to the bathhouse, face mask requirements and social distancing.  And, please know that households that signed up for first half only will receive an additional communication later about how the delay in opening will be handled.

Thank you in advance for being patient, compliant and kind as we adjust to this very different summer at the pool and work cooperatively to keep our community healthy and happy! We will try our new systems for a few weeks and then may make some tweaks where needed.

PS. you might see some activity at the pool on Friday when we’ll be pilot testing our new procedures and scheduling system along with some training for our awesome pool staff!

We also have new pool rules for the summer of 2020.  You can view those rules HERE!

June 19th Pool Update

I have exciting news to share – the pool will be opening very soon!

As you know, the decision to open was not an easy one for the board to make. Our goal from the start of this most unusual pool season was to be in a position to safely open given the evolving circumstances and restrictions put forth by Montgomery County due to covid-19.  When the county communicated the timetable and guidance regarding requirements and restrictions that must be in place in order to open pools like ours, we put the finishing touches on our membership survey and sent it out.  Seventy-two percent of our members favor opening the pool.  Further, many members expressed a strong desire to find ways to safely use our grounds for purposes other than swimming.  We are considering your suggestions to determine what ideas we can implement safely in the coming weeks.  We are exploring options for swim, dive and tennis clinics for kids.

We plan to open in about a week, but the pool experience will be very different this year.  Members wishing to swim will be required to sign up for a limited number of time slots using a reservation system.  Social distancing will be required at all times.  Members will need to sign a waiver and wear a mask when not in the water, and some areas, such as the basketball courts, kitchen and grills, will be inaccessible in order to minimize touch points. But the pool will be open, and we’ll be able to swim.  We’ll be able to see friends from a distance and enjoy the pool grounds.

It is clear how important our pool community is to its members.  While not every one of you plans to use the pool this summer, many have reached out to share how you feel and we are grateful for all input.  In the next few days, we’ll send more detailed information about evolving pool protocol.

Feel free to contact the board with questions or concerns at Board@nccspa.com.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you.

Susan Hage, President, NCCSPA President@nccspa.com

June 13 Pool Update and Survey

Dear NCCSPA Members:

We want to provide a summary of the situation with the pool. At the end of this summary is a link to a critical — and very short! — survey we’d like all households to fill out (one per household please). Your response is essential so please complete this survey by Monday at 5pm. 

On Wednesday, June 10, Montgomery County’s government said “Phase 2” in the gradual reopening of local services could begin as soon as next week. That would include allowing community pools to reopen under severe restrictions: our two pools would be set up with 10 lap lanes and only one person would be allowed per lane at a time for lap swimming or individual water exercise. This is not the situation we hoped to be in by now. For those who have stopped by the pool, you know that our management company has had it fully prepared to open. The board has been meeting weekly to consider a range of views about whether the pool should open and to design an online reservation system for members.

Many of you have asked about financial impacts. As previously discussed during the all-member meeting, the bylaws do not authorize refunding of dues in the event the pool does not open. Furthermore, regardless of whether or not we open we still have significant costs, including insurance, utilities, repairs and our management company. Even if we do not open, our operating margin is expected to be very small. If we do open, the additional operating costs related to cleaning and other necessary actions may push us into negative income for the season, which would require us to use some of our reserves, as we have in previous seasons. We anticipate that while not insignificant, this amount would be in line with amounts used in past seasons for other reasons. If we don’t open, at the close of the season the board will review final expenditures and determine if it is appropriate to offer a modest credit toward member dues for next year.

In light of all that, we now need to decide IF the pool should open. We know many members won’t find the idea of lane lines only, with one person per lane during set time periods, an appealing option for the summer. Some will find it better than not opening at all.

To help us come to a conclusion based on the guidance from the county that we currently have (which we will note has been rather fluid..), we ask you to please complete the very short survey here, no later than Monday, June 15 at 5pm.


Thank you,

The NCCSPA Board

June 2nd Pool Update

We all missed our traditional opening day festivities over Memorial Day weekendflipping the burgers, the kidsfirst splashes, and the opportunity for all of us to catch up with friends.  Today, we are sending a short note to let you know that the Board, along with Lighthouse (our pool management company) is preparing to open, albeit a very different operation of the pool this summer.

 Last Wednesday, Governor Hogan issued the first guidance by government authorities regarding the conditions that pools must meet in order to open.  However, because of the much higher number of COVID-19 cases in Montgomery County (and recent uptick in hospital cases over the last few days), the county has been following a different, more delayed timetable.  Pool openings are not part of Phase 1 of reopening that began on Monday, June 1st in Montgomery County.

While we do not yet know exactly when it might be possible for pools to open in our county, the board is very busy exploring many options that will permit use of the pool in a way that prioritizes the safety of our community. We are studying in depth policies that promote health and safety, the equitable scheduling of pool time, cleaning protocols, clear communications and signage, liability waivers, and more. This is not just a novel virus, but a new situation for our pool management company, pool managers, lifeguards, and families. It will be essential to have thoughtful procedures, policies and staff trainings in place before we can open the pool. Just like is happening in the county and the state, we envision opening the pool in phases, beginning in a more conservative manner allowing a smaller number of people in the facility at a time and limiting activities, and gradually increasing visits and activities as, and if, the situation permits.

Thank you for your patience and support during what is a very fluid time. We will keep you posted as we hear further details about the county status, gain clarity about a prospective opening date, and the guidelines for usage that opening in 2020 will entail.  In the meantime, members may direct questions or concerns to help@nccspa.com.

NCCSPA Pool Board

Latest News

May 16 Pool Update

The Board has spent countless hours the past few months discussing and researching the impact COVID-19 will have on the pool. Looking to the summer, our goal is to make informed decisions and to keep you, our members, informed as well. With that in mind, this is a summary of meeting details. We have also posted a FAQ on the pool website. (provide link or hyperlink)

As many of you know, Governor Hogan opted to move the state into Phase 1 of the Maryland Roadmap to Recovery plan on Friday, May 15. However, he gave local county officials the right to make their own decisions as to when to reopen. As of Thursday, May 14, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich elected to keep Montgomery County in the Stay at Home Order indefinitely.

With that decision, we are sad to announce that the pool will not be opening on Memorial weekend. We all know and love our summers, especially at the NCC pool. And, Im sure we all wish the situation were different and the answers simple. However, in these unprecedented times we need to look at the bigger picture.

Based on the States Roadmap to Recovery plan, pools are not included until Phase 2. We are uncertain when Montgomery County will move to Phase 2 and if/when it does, our primary concern is the health and safety of our community; our children, our families, our seniors, and our lifeguards. The board will continue to follow local/regional trends and wait for guidance from our local government while working closely with the CDC, Montgomery County Health Department and Lighthouse, our pool management company.

When we are given the okay to open, we will work with our members to survey and determine whether it is safe and financially mindful given the changes and protocol that will need to be set in place. You can be assured this is not a decision we will take lightly.

We know this is a challenging time for everyone and we are sure that there are many questions. Please look at our FAQ document for some additional information including what factors will be considered if we get the okay to open, what the pool experience may look like to ensure the safety of everyone, the status of your annual dues, and much more. While there may be questions left unanswered, we are happy to try to address them if we can. However, we appreciate your understanding that this is an ever-changing environment and there is a lot of uncertainty. In the meantime, we are working with all levels of guidance and officials to navigate this situation.

Our pool management company, Lighthouse, is working diligently with us during these times. All pools in the area went through their pre-season steps in hopes of an opening. Our pool specifically benefited from this as it is an older pool (over 50 years). Maintaining the interior of the pool, regular cleaning and sealing of cracks, is part of our yearly maintenance. Lighthouse has completed this work and the pool is ‘on-hold until further notice. Their management fee will be adjusted based on when/if we open and how much work they have completed.

We know that no one thought or anticipated on our final doggie dip day last September that we would be in the predicament we are in today. But, we all anxiously await what the summer will hold just as you do. In the meantime, we are employing our social committee to begin exploring other options to engage our members for that fun and eventful summer we have all grown to love.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to board@nccspa.com. With all your support and understanding, we hope the pool community can continue to be a part of summer for seasons to come.

NCCSPA Pool Board

April 20, 2020: Update on Pool Season

We hope this message finds all of you well and in good spirits during these very challenging times. By now you are certainly aware of the steps being taken across our area to mitigate and hopefully minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Without question, our primary concern is the health and safety of our members/guests, their families, and, of course, our community.  We have had several questions regarding the status of the pool opening this summer and wanted to address the plan as it stands today, knowing that we are seeing fluid changes every day and will continue to update you.

We have been in close contact with our pool management team, Lighthouse, as we are quickly approaching the summer season. The decision to open the pool or not will be dictated by some combination of state and local officials. In addition to COVID-19 considerations, all pools still must pass a Montgomery County Health Department inspection prior to opening. With that said, and the given amount of time (4-6 weeks) it takes to prepare the pool, Lighthouse has proceeded with pre-season work to enable us to open as soon as allowed.

This work requires incurring a certain amount of cost, in addition to the cost to maintain the pool, whether we are able to use it or not. The board has been working on contingency planning and reviewing our annual fixed expenses versus variable expenses if we don’t open. Our largest variable expense is lifeguard hours which will be dependent on when we open.

In addition, all Georgetown Prep tennis lessons and classes have been suspended and the tennis courts closed for use during the Governor’s Stay at Home Order.

We recognize that this pandemic is creating challenges for many of us and these are not easy times, however, we want North Chevy Chase Pool to be ready to host families in the event that we are able to open. We will continue to keep you updated and look forward to the day we can all gather again and enjoy our community and its resources. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the time with your family.

Summer Camp Discontinued

We are sorry to announce that there will not be a summer camp at the pool this summer.  We expect to send out information soon about tennis lessons and swim activities.  Please send any questions to help@nccspa.com



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