Private Event Guidelines

Effective May 17, 2012

These guidelines have been established to ensure the enjoyment of the pool facilities by members at all
times. Fees are intended to pass on expenses for added staffing and other costs incurred to party hosts.

  • Party guest privileges and responsibilities: Host members are responsible for the conduct of their
    guests. Party attendees aged 2 and up who are not NCCSPA members will be charged the normal NCCSPA
    guest fee of $5, which allows them to use all public NCCSPA facilities, including the pools, tennis courts,
    basketball courts, and bathhouse. Guests must be met by an active member at the sign-in desk, where
    their name will be checked off on a list of prepaid party guests. Guests must follow all NCCSPA rules.
  • Party requests: To request a party, submit this completed form at least 1 week before your party
    date to the pool manager (or guard if the manager is not available) during normal pool hours. If you
    are submitting your request before the pool opens for the season, email party details to the secretary of
    the NCCSPA board at Party requests will only be accepted after April 1st.
  • Approvals: Parties are subject to the approval of the pool manager based on staffing and other
    considerations and to the approval of the NCCSPA board for parties where potential conflicts are involved.
    This form must be signed by member/host and the staff manager in order to be valid.
  • Cancellations: It is always the right of the NCCSPA management to decline the request for a reservation
    if staffing or other issues are a concern. NCCSPA reserves the right to cancel a party for staffing, weather,
    or other concerns. In the event that a party is canceled prior to the start of the event, party fees will be
  • Fees: Please submit a list of guest names, identify which guests are NCCSPA members, and pay party fees
    by check to NCCSPA before the party begins. Give checks to pool manager or other staff during normal
    pool hours, or mail to NCCSPA at 3 Campbell Court, Kensington, MD 20895.

All parties:

  • $5 per person guest fee for all party attendees aged 2 and up who are not NCCSPA members

Parties of 25 or fewer people:

  • No additional fees apply

Parties of 26-50 people:

  • $5 grill fee, plus $5 for each additional grill requested
  • $40 facility rental/staffing fee

Parties of 51-75 people:

  • $5 grill fee, plus $5 for each additional grill requested
  • $80 facility rental/staffing fee

When parties can be held – times and dates: Parties may not be held on Memorial Day, 4th of July,
Labor Day, or on dates scheduled for other NCCSPA events, including swim team and dive team meets and
clinics. Check the NCCSPA event calendar for conflicts at More than one small party can
be held at one time if the pool manager approves, based on staffing and other considerations. NCCSPA
staff maintains a calendar all events for the general membership including meets, clinics and private

  • During June and July, larger parties (26 or more attendees) may only be held any time
    on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; Friday until 5:00 pm; or Sunday after 5:00 pm.
    Smaller parties may be held at any time during the week if there are no conflicting events.
  • Parties must be held during normal pool hours, ending no later than 30 minutes prior
    to closing time.
  • All parties must be confined to 3 hours including set up and clean up.

Facility use and clean-up:

  • Clean-up: Member/host must leave the pool area in the condition in which it was found: litter
    free, decorations removed, all trash put in containers, and all tables and chairs returned to their
    original positions.
  • Refrigerator use: Members may use the refrigerator and freezer if there is space, but it is
    not guaranteed. All items must be cleared from refrigerator and freezer prior to departure. Items left
    may be disposed of at management’s discretion.
  • Pavilion tables: As a courtesy to the general membership, it is requested that members
    hosting large parties use table space in and outside the pavilion area so as not to displace or
    inconvenience other members. At all times, no less than 1/4 of pavilion and tables must be available
    for all members.
  • Grill use: All grills remain open to use by all pool members during smaller parties (25 or fewer
    attendees). Larger parties can reserve grills for fees outlined above, but at all times at least one grill
    must remain available for general use.